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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even The Dog Is A Steelers Fan, Free Rice

The Pittsburgh Steelers, clinched a playoff spot, and a first round bye on Sunday. Who cares you ask? Only every single member of my family, even the dog. All but me. I am a lowly Bills fan, who of course crash and burned yet again this season. My husband has kindly offered to purchase me a Steelers jersey, so I would fit in, and I told him it would burn my skin lol. Congrats to the Steelers, and to the Bills please, please get rid of Losman.

In my Family Circle magazine, I just purchased they had some cool websites you can visit for charitable causes. Want to give, but do not have extra money? Then visit I tried it this morning, and you can test your knowledge of grammar, math, geography, and others. Every time you get a correct answer, they donate a specified amount of rice to countries in need. I will be having my son give it a try, later today. It is a great way for them to learn, as well as give. The questions you miss, are repeated thereby reinforcing learning. I love it!

Lesson Plan for 12/17/08:

Writing: Book report for Sunset of the Sabertooth
Social Studies: Kentucky, St Nicholas
Spelling: Lesson 13- Write each spelling word and circle the consonants
Vocabulary: Lesson 13- Write a synonym for each vocabulary word
Language Arts: Adverbs, capitalization
Math: Place value, multiplication, division
Spanish: Food and utensils part 2


betchai said...

oh, i will try that, sounds fun and at the same time, they'll be giving rice to countries in need. really great.

oh, i like the picture of your dog, is he not so cute with his steeler's uniform?

Melissa said...

Yes he is very cute, I was mocking on my husband.

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