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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Years Resolutions, Christmas Dinner, Candy Cane Video

Yesterday I posted about a virtual candy cane tour. We did that, and it was cool, but it is nice to see it in a video. I found one on youtube, and you can view it below, if you like. It is really neat.

Christmas is two weeks from today. Have you finished your shopping? I did, bought the last gift card yesterday. Have you started wrapping yet? No, but I am going to tonight. My husband is going to take the kids to a Christmas party, at his job. Normally, I would attend, but this gives me a perfect oppurtunity to get a lot of the wrapping done, with them gone. Because we homeschool, time is limited in this department. Have you decided what you will have for Christmas Dinner? Yes, I am having a vegetable platter, with dip, cheese, veggies, crackers etc. My mom is making Sausage bread, and we will have an Omelet breakfast. Christmas starts so early, that a huge dinner, with tons of dishes, is not pleasurable.

Now for the big question. Do you make a New Years Resolution. If no, why not? If yes, what is it for the year 2009? I personally have never made New Years resolutions. I find it depressing if you do not meet your resolution, and that is not a fun thing to do. The New Year, is more of a new start, every year, and I look forward to fresh look every year.

Tomorrow is test day, so there is no Lesson Plan to post. Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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