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Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Back To A Routine

Well it is the day after Christmas, and it is time to get back into some routine. I love Christmas, but I am always glad when it is over. We had an awesome Christmas, as I hope you all did as well. My kids loved everything they got. It was wonderful having my sister here. She will be leaving on Sunday, to go back to North Carolina. It was almost 85 yesterday, and we sat outside in the evening, while the dog, and the kids ran, and played. It was so cold in November, that this was a nice break from the freezing temps we had been experiencing. My mom, of course, was here and she loved the necklace I made for her. Because we are from NY, most of our families are back there. My one sister still lives there, and we text a lot. My husband's whole family is there, as well. We gave his Dad a webcam, for Christmas, and the whole family got on so everyone could see, and say hello. I think this gift was as important to Craig's dad, as it was for Craig. You can not touch your loved ones, but at least you can see, and hear them. And for 25 dollars each, it is not costly at all. So all in all it was a splendid day, but I am definitely glad to get back to some normal routines around here. How was your Chrismtas? Please feel free to share.


betchai said...

my hubby got a cold so we did not go to his mom in LA otherwise we will spread the virus there :(( but we had a wonderful Christmas together. All my family are in the Philippines, and I call them using Yahoo IM, it is free :)) but what was bad my headset broke so I just listened to them while I type :( I also gifted them before with webcam as we can see each other, it was like a gift to them and a gift to myself too, since seeing them in camera makes me happy :))

isn't it wonderful we can talk and see our family for free these days?

Melissa said...

Yes it is wonderful, and I am so glad I thought to get them. I am glad you had a wonderful holiday.

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