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Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank You To My Top Entrecard Droppers

I know I usually do this on the first, of every month. I am late in posting it, but never late in saying thank you, to everyone that visits my blog. Here are my top 10 droppers for the month of November:

Dropper # of drops
Small Town Mommy 31
Renaescraftycorner 30
The Good Life 30
Is 8 Enough? 30
Black holes and Astrostuff 30
A Solitairy Love 29
Curiously Awesome 29
Chronic Chick Talk 28
Spices of Life & Everything Nice 28
California 28

These blogs down here, are blogs I put my Entrecard on, and the number of hits I got from their blogs:

Widget shown on # of clicks
Lover Mushroom 50
California 46
Foreign Language Fun 29
Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy 27
The Road I'm Traveling 26
Thanksgiving Every Day 24
my little love bugs 19
This Side of Eternity 16
flitting 15

If you have a couple of minutes, visit each of these wonderful blogs. Thank you again, and have a great weekend, everyone.


betchai said...

thanks always for the link melissa. hope you have a good weekend.

Melissa said...

You are welcome, betchai. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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