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Monday, March 1, 2010

Buying An Old House, Rocky Cycles

We knew when we bought this 20 year old home, that we would need to be doing updating, and repairs. We had been discussing what kind of flooring to put in, once we pulled out this nasty, old rug. We finally decided on tile, due to having dogs, and tons of sand. Yesterday we pulled out the dining room rug. OMG it was so dirty, and dusty. We were warned that even though we vacuum every day, there would be tons under the rug. They were not lying, WOW!! Anyway, I should have bought face masks, because today I am so filled up, I can barely breathe through my nose. We still have to do the kitchen, and living room, so I will be sure to get masks before then. I will show before, and after pics, as soon as they are loaded to the computer. No I have to save my pennies, to purchase the rest of the tiles. We are moving into adding, and subtracting of fractions. So, DJ's math load will be a bit lighter, until I am sure he understands the concepts.

Lesson Plans For 03/02/10:

Sign Language: Numbers 1-20
Math: Subtracting fractions with like denominators
Science: Rock formations, and the rock cycle
Language Arts: Root words, compare and contrast
Vocabulary: WS times two
Cursive Writing

Science: Rock formations
Reading: HOP Pom Pom
Site Words
Flash Cards
Rhyming Words
Math: Number words
Phonics: Beginning sounds of fruits
Printing Practice
Animal Book: Jungle Animals- lions

Tomorrow for Science class we are studying rocks, and the rock cycle. Below you will see two videos. One is on the Grand Canyon, and some of the most beautiful rock landscape you have ever seen. Then the other explains the rock cycle, and how it works.


Anne said...

Home renovations are so challenging. I am impressed that you are doing so much yourself. I am home repair challenged. Good luck!

Kristy said...

I remember when we pulled up our carpet. It was disgusting. I couldn't believe how much dirt and dust we found. It was like we were not vacuuming at all but just pushing the dirt to the bottom of the carpet. I hope it all goes well with your flooring.

Melissa said...

Anne I don't normally do it, but it is cheaper than paying someone.

Kristy I was amazed at how much was under there, it was awful. Looked like we have never cleaned.

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