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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How To Decorate Easter Eggs

Today, I need to get back into my routine of doing things. It was a great week of visiting, and relaxing, now I must work. Tomorrow we are having a play date in the park, to decorate Easter eggs, with our homeschool friends. If you are new to Easter egg decorating, the video below can help you out. I generally don't care for the older version with the vinegar, and all that, but my kids picked them this year, and then you can color on them with a magic crayon, or put on stickers. I guess it is not as messy as glitter paint, like they wanted last year. We are on Spring Break one more week, and then we are not off again until Memorial Day. I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday, and thank you to those of you who still visit, and comment, even though I was absent mostly this week.


ruthi said...

WOW... thanks for sharing. We don't really celebrate easter in the Phils like you do here in the US. Our celebration is more on the religious side where easter bunnies are not really that popular so easter eggs are not really that important to us. but since i live here now... this is indeed very interesting to me. I really like watching your video.

Melissa said...

Thank you Ruthi, my children enjoy decorating the eggs.

Kristy said...

Great video. I am sorry I was unable to make it to the park today. You won't beleive that I put the wrong day on my calendar for the playdate. Ugh! I have my days confused since we have been on Spring break. Sorry! I hope you guys had fun.

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