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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Hate Relationship With Walmart

Well now that I am on vacation from home schooling, and have been up since 5, I get to think about some other things. Anne over at Small Town Mommy, reminded me that Walmart has been irritating me for some time. I love Walmart, I really do. I can get everything I need all in one store. They have great prices. Hitchcocks is very expensive, and I buy mostly just meat there, my husband hates Walmart meat. Save A Lot meat is good too, but I can only get about 25% of what I need there. I hate going to two or more different stores, so Walmart is awesome for me. You will all remember the Zhu Zhu pet fiasco, at Christmas. Though the manage did do a commendable job in trying to get me one. When we lived in NY, a Walmart cashier slapped my son's hand. I won't go into detail, but lets just say that one got real ugly. I was compensated with a 50 dollar gift card, an apology, and the cashier was fired. Lucky for her, I didn't feel like going to jail that day. Now once in while I like to have a glass of wine. Last time I checked the legal drinking age was 21. I know I look amazingly young, it is the pony tail, but the cashier set my wine aside at cashout. Now I don't normally notice these things, because I am busy watching two kids, but my husband was with me, and he was keeping them occupied. So I said to myself, hmm that is odd. So of course she saves it all the way to the end, with 10 people in line behind me. She was new, and the trainer said to her, does she look forty? Excuse me, 40? The new cashier kindly said no. Why do I have to look 40? Why can't I just feel it. God knows I feel it. So then she had to say, well don't you have your ID? No, it was in the car. I was not about to get it, and make all those people wait. I was not after all irritated with them. If I was I might have slowly walked to my car, to get my ID. Good thing none of them made a dumb comment to me about home schooling, they might have stood there all day. So I didn't get my wine, so now I can whine. At least I don't look 40, thank goodness for that.


Kristy said...

Wow Ms. Melissa! I am sorry you didn't get your wine but that was a great compliment. Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

My husband doesn't like their meat either. And yeah, they can drive you crazy. But you gotta love their low prices and convenience.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy, yeah I guess.

Ms Laura, your husband is the first person to agree with mine, on the Walmart meat. People always look at me like I am crazy.

Kristy said...

Just so you know....we don't like Wal-Mart meat either. It is gross. I get my meat from my local store Scaff's or Publix.

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