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Monday, March 15, 2010

Forests Around The World Education Videos

Tomorrow for Science class, we are studying forests. Below are two videos. The first one is short, and talks about the different large forests. The second is longer, but the pictures, and music are beautiful, it is from the Amazon. We did St Patricks Day crafts today, and if you need some free ones for your homeschool, or daycare, then you can get the at DLTK Crafts, too.

Lesson Plans For 03/16/10:

Science: Forests of the world, weather word search
Math: Add and subtract money, reducing fractions
Sign Language: Occupations
Language Arts: Making predictions, homophones, root words
Cursive Writing

Travel name tags
Science: Lion habitat, forests of the world
Reading: HOP Pig Fun
Phonics: See, say, and read it, worksheet
Animal Book: Forest animals
Math: Ordinal numbers
Site Words
Flash Cards
Skip Counting
Printing Practice


Kristy said...

Beautiful videos! Thanks for the reminder about using the craft website for St. Patrick's Day. I will have to print out some stuff for David.

Melissa said...

Your welcome Ms Kristy. I am glad you enjoyed them.

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