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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

History Of St Patricks Day

Tomorrow we have only a half day of school. We will be watching the 1 hour video about St Patricks Day, that I recorded on Monday, from the History Channel. If you did not get to record it, they may show it again, or you can use this 10 minute video in your lessons. The History Channel website, also has short videos, with curriculum ideas, and resources to meet the curriculum. We also have a reading assignment, with post questions on St Patricks Day. We then will be going to our playdate at the park, and if it rains, it will be held at one of the members homes. We will catch up on math, language arts, and all other lessons on Thursday.

I get to be a big grouch yet again, and write a letter to the Postmaster General, of the US. There has to be someone who overlooks them all. If anyone knows, I would gladly like to know too. If not, I will have to search for it. What am I going to complain about? My local post office is useless, that is what I am going to complain about. I use the online website to print shipping labels, and pay for shipping, etc. I wanted to ship something to the Philippines, and the website warned me I may not be able to. I called my local post office to ask them about shipping international rules, and the rude woman who answered the phone did not even let me finish my statement before she said they were not trained in the website one click something or other. I again tried to explain that was not what I wanted to know, and again she cut me off. So I hung up on her, and called the post office in the next town over. That nice woman let me state my question, and gave me the proper answer, and guidance. Now I am going to complain about my post office. They always prove to be incompetent, and they have cut their hours so I can never get there when they are open anyways. And they are closed at the dumbest times. The post office wonders why they lose billions a year, and have to cut services how about because you don't properly train all post offices to do what they need to do. No, this is not the first time this has happened, that they are not properly trained, it has happened a lot in the three years we have been in this town. I am fed up, and someone will hear about it, as soon as I figure out who that somebody is LOL. Stay tuned, I am a determined woman.


Kristy said...

Go Melissa! I love your spark and determination. I cannot stand rude people either! I can't wait to hear your update.

Tammy said...

I love the History Channel. As for the Post Office, I could go on and on. Like, why can't I get just one stamp out of the machine?

Anne said...

If it is any help,the Postmaster General is the correct contact (although I am sure he has people who actually open the mail). I believe he is based out of Washington DC.

JILL O. MILES said...

Thanks for the History Channel heads up.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. I love the History channel, and their website too. It is very helpful to us history challenged LOL.

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