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Monday, March 22, 2010

Habitats For Rabbits, Mary Had A Little Lamb

Today I am featuring the nursery rhyme, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and the habitat for rabbits. These will be used for Caitlin starting next week. I finished DJ's third semester report card, last night, he did awesome! As you know I do not grade Caitlin's work, but will start next year, in first grade. The only grade DJ actually went down in, or didn't stay the same, was Social Studies. Mostly because we watched a lot of videos from History Channel that were not graded.

Reading: S
Math: 90
Language Arts: 89
Spelling/Vocab: 93
Cursive Writing: S
Writing: Very Good
Art: Very Good
Science: 86
Social Studies: 82
Health: 93
Reading Comprehension: Very Good


Kristy said...

This was a cute video and I love nursery rhymes but David does not. He always rolls his eyes when I start to sing them to him. LOL! It sounds like you are having fun.

Melissa said...

Ha Ha, good for David. I have the same reaction.

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