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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter V: Vacation, Virtual Vegetables, Virtual Fish

Hey, it is Fun Friday again, at our Blogging For Fun group. This week we are working on the letter V. V is for vacation. Next week is vacation time here at Melissa's Homeschool. My sister, and brother in law are coming from NC, and the weather looks beautiful. I do have a lot to get done in this week, but it will still be relaxing, and less hectic than normal.

V is also for Virtual Vegetable farms, and Virtual fish. What am I talking about? Well Fishville, and Farmville of course. If you are like me, and live under a rock, you may have never heard of these. They are virtual games on Facebook. I swore when I got talked into signing up for Facebook that there would be no games at all. Yeah right! Friends kept sending gifts for these games, so I eventually gave in. Now the kids and I are hooked. Ha ha get it? Now we don't sit here all day playing games. I don't have the patience for that. My kids do it with me, through my account. I am not one of them nice, cool parents who let their ten year olds have their own Facebook account. If you are on Facebook, and you would love to be my neighbor in Fishville, or Farmville, click my Facebook picture in the left hand side of this blog. You will have to ask permission to be my friend, I know like I said I am not cool at all. I will then add you as a friend, and we can invite each other to be neighbors. Having neighbors is great. They don't let their pets go on your yard, they are quiet, and even help you out. It is the ultimate neighbor. So go on now, and get your cool on, and invite me to be your friend. Go on snap to it! The videos below help explain how to play the games. I of course being the coolest, and most amazing virtual neighbor will be more than happy to help you, should you need it.


Anne said...

I am your friend on Facebook, but we can't be neighbors. I don't Farmville or Fishville. I do play a mean game of Farkle.

Kristy said...

I hope you have a fun time with your sister and family. Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Yes, Anne I read your posts. My husband likes Farkle. I have not tried that one.

Kristy, thank you so much.

Ebie said...

Oh, no, you are hooked on FB's game? I am on FB but I hardly log in to my account. I barely have time.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie I don't know if I qualify as hooked. I spend maybe 20 minutes tops a day, doing it. The fish are much easier than the farm.

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