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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cell Phones In School

Well I wanted to post a cute video from Youtube, but their website is down for some reason, so you will have to listen to me talk about something else. Cell phones in school is the topic for today. First of all let me say, if my kids were in public school, and old enough, yes I would not mind if they had a cell phone. I see the importance, and purpose of them having one. However, there do not seem to be any rules associated with cell phones in school. Kids text each other, play games, and even cheat all while in school. Is this really what they should be doing during school time? Last week here in our small town, well the next small town over, some boys got in a pretty nasty fight, on school property. Several children were watching, and according the the paper, at least one adult watched said fight. The fight was so bad the victim had bruise marks from being choked. Like that is not bad enough, and why did the adult not intervene, several children taped the event using their cell phone, and then uploaded it to Youtube. It quickly spread between the two towns, with almost 800 people viewing it, before it was removed. I can see several things wrong with this picture. One how is it not a violation of that boys rights, to have himself being beaten up, and then plastered on a public forum for anyone to see? The boys were suspended, but really is that enough? I know kids fight, and even violence happens, but I feel this was a violation of his privacy, he was a minor after all. I really think cell phones either need to be kept in lockers, and not turned on, on school property unless it was an emergency. What do you think? That is our thought provoking topic of the day. Hopefully Youtube will be up soon, so you don't have to hear me think too often LOL.

Lesson Plans For 03/03/10:

Social Studies: The Presidents part two
Math: Problem solving, multiplication
Sign Language : Numbers 1-20
Language Arts: Root words review, compare and contrast
Vocabulary worksheet times two
Cursive Writing

Reading: HOP Pom Pom
Site Words
Flash Cards
Follow the maze worksheet
Animal Book: Jungle animals- Tigers
Math: Number words
Phonics: Beginning sounds of fruits
Printing Practice


Kristy said...

I agree with you about the cell phone issue in schools. They have become a source of many nasty and terrible things. Some of the girls and boys send each other photos of each other and they are not dressed if you know what I mean. There was a fight recorded at my daughter's school just the other day and then uploaded on myspace.

Femmepower said...

That's sad.Why didn't anybody interfere? And the fact that it was uploaded for all the world to see,might have been tough for the victim.

My daughter used to bring her cellphone to school because it was our means of communication in case of emergency.However,she lost it and I figured out that she may not be ready yet for such a responsibility of looking after an expensive gadget like that.

Leomar said...

I understand the importance of cell phones nowadays as means of communication but there has to be rules when bringing these gadgets in school. I agree that they need to be kept in lockers and not be used in school premises.

Melissa said...

Safety is an important reason to allow them, but all this other stuff, just is ridiculous.

Anne said...

My daughter doesn't have a cell phone, but many of her friends do (she is 10). I host meetings once a week and I get so annoyed when the kids whip out their cell phones. I have made the rule that they are not allowed to use their phones during the meetings. Many schools have the same rules.

Melissa said...

It does not appear that the rules are enforced, once classes start. My kids don't have their own either. DJ used mine when he went to wrestling in case he and his father got separated.

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