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Monday, March 8, 2010

Roman Numerals, The Earths Layers

I had a great surprise Saturday afternoon, when I got up. My husband had re tiled the whole kitchen, and it looks so lovely. Now we just have the living room, and the one bathroom left. It should be done within the next few weeks, I hope. I am hoping before my sister, and husband come to visit, in a couple of weeks, but we will see.

If you need a lesson on Roman Numerals, the video below is very good, or you can get a free one at Lesson Snips. I don't think Roman Numerals are studied the way they used to be, as I found it very difficult to find a lesson on them. We are also doing the Earths layers tomorrow, for Science class. The video below, is short, and to the point. Watch it as many times as you want, or need, to learn them.

Lesson Plans For 03/09/10:

Science: The Earths layers
Math: Roman numerals, decimals
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Root words, compare and contrast, main character
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20 final week

Science: The Earths layers, light
Reading: HOP The Big Log
Printing Practice
Recycling: Worksheet
Math: Two equal parts
Site Words
Flash Cards
Animal Book: Australian animals
Phonics: Alphabet book

Today, I have spent all morning printing for the next four weeks of school. We are quickly coming up to the end of our curriculums, and will spend the rest of the school year reviewing, or expanding on art, and music. I am also currently working on getting DJ's report card done, for the third quarter. I think he will be much happier this time around. He tried extra hard, to get his Science grade back up to where he expects it to be.


Andrea said...

Love all your education sites!

Melissa said...

Thank you very much.

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