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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Underwear For Young Girls

Did that title get your attention? I am not trying to be crude, but I did read an interesting article the other day. It was in a Woman's magazine, and was posted under parenting. The topic was would you let your 10-13, or say preteen wear thongs? OK I might live under a rock, but they are just underwear right? Well no, not according to this article. The expert gave the reason for not letting this age group wear thongs as, because the girls really want them so they can feel sexy, despite claiming they were to hide panty lines. She went on to say do you really want your 10-12 year old to be thinking about being sexy, wearing sexy underwear, and what is the purpose of sexy underwear if no one sees them? Hmm, yes I see her point entirely, but do I really want my 13, 14, 15, 16, or even 17 year old feeling sexy, wearing sexy underwear, and what is the purpose of sexy underwear anyways? I found it very interesting that the expert targeted preteens in this group, but not older teens, still not considered adults. Does this imply to you, as it implied to me, that children over the age of 13 should be wanting to feel sexy, and wearing said sexy undergarments? I find it somewhat disturbing that a child expert would not include all teenage girls in this sexy undergarment discussion. What do you think?


Kristy said...

Great post! I never have liked thongs and neither has my daughter thank goodness. I love, love, love your new background too!

Melissa said...

But what if she did want to wear them? What then?

Anonymous said...

UH, I'm sure the author of the article assumed that girls 13 & older are sexually active. The idea that follows is: since they are already active, they should feel good about their choice. WRONG. Some choices your kids should feel bad about, and some things shouldn't be embraced. As a parent, you get to set that line (and hold it). Yes, your daughters will probably know girls who make the wrong choices & it will be hard for them to stand firm. Just don't wave the white flag of surrender too early! You get to parent them & set rules until they are adults. Also, constantly talk about such issues - don't be afraid to talk, and do a lot more listening than talking. In this day, movies are great starting point. You can watch a movie & discuss what choices the characters made. I'm sure you can think of several teen-targeted movies. Check out for fantastic guides & questions to ask your teen about particular movies. Blessings, Laura

Kristy said...

Ms. Melissa....if my daughter wanted to wear thong underwear I would not allow her to at all. Honestly, those type of underwear remind me of the girls who strip in the strip clubs. They are perverted looking to me.

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Laura, and Ms Kristy. I wish more moms had weighed in, as I think it is an important topic.

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