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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fish Habitats, Vegetable Starter Gardens

Check out this cool underground fish habitat. It is an aquarium, and pretty awesome. Today I transplanted some of the vegetables that are already too big for the starter garden. I think they are the cucumbers, I should have marked them. I know they aren't the tomatoes. I put them in a big tray with dirt, so they have room to grow. I always keep them in the special potting soil, they started in. I need to get fertilizer when I head to Walmart again. Speaking of Walmart, they do not have the Topsy Turvy this year, but some other growing device. I bought one, but I am not optimistic it will work as well as the Topsy Turvy. I am going to check out Ebay, Home Depot, and see if they have any. At any rate the one I got from Walmart, had tomato seeds already in it, and they won't be ready to start just yet. It is still not quite warm enough. Middle of April I will start them. Tomorrow I will share the wood Science project with you all, and a cool website I found from another blogger. You will like it, I promise.


betchai said...

i have the same problem with you Melissa when I am gardening and starting with seeds, I have difficulty sometimes identifying what are they :)it is nice to be eating freshly picked veggies from our backyard.

Melissa said...

You would think I would learn to mark them, but I am pretty sure they are cukes. I hope to have even more veggies so I can share with friends, and family.

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