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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hooked On Phonics 1st Grade Learn To Read

Caitlin is not in first grade yet, but she has done so well so far on her reading, that I am going to begin some first grade phonics with her. If it start to overwhelm her, I will just go back to the kindergarten work. She loves these phonics videos, so we can start here. Also if you have a child learning to read check out Starfall. It is a wonderful program, that both of my kids have used at one time or another. I am going to try to advance her in math a bit too, but again I am not sure how it will go. We are coming to the end of the third grading period, and will soon be finishing up most of our curriculum. That will leave us time to review what we have learned. This mostly will apply to DJ in preparation, for his evaluation. Tomorrow is test day, so there are no lesson plans to post.


Anne said...

I will definitely check out that reading program. My younger daughter has difficulty with reading and I will take any help I can get :).

Kristy said...

David enjoyed this video Ms. Melissa. I left it on while I was in the kitchen and I could hear him trying to figure out the words on his own. It was so neat.

Melissa said...

Anne, I love the Hooked on Phonics reading program. Caitlin has progressed nicely with it.

Kristy, Caitlin loves them too, much better than just listening to the CD's they supply with the program.

Have Fun Teaching said...

Hey there...Just wanted to share that Have Fun Teaching has a great phonics curriculum supplement Have Fun Teaching Phonics - Click Here

eGarrison said...

As a reading specialist for a San Diego school, I recommend to all of my students. I have used it with my students for the past 7 years and I love how it is set up, and the kids love how much fun it is.
Check out my blog for more about it:

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