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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Conjunction Junction What's Your Function?

It has been a whopper of a day. I woke up to no internet service, and it never got fixed until around dinner time. So I apologize to all my Entrecard and Blogging For Fun friends, that I did not get to visit. I am continuing on with the grammar theme, and those of you who are my age will remember School House Rock videos.

Conjunctions are connectors. The connect individual words or groups of words in a sentence. There are three different kinds of conjunctions: coordinate conjunctions, correlative conjunctions, and subordinate conjunctions. Boring I know, but the video below is fun, and teaches kids to remember these difficult grammar rules through music.


betchai said...

sorry to hear about your internet connection Melissa, glad that at least it is back now and you were able to update your site.

Melissa said...

The phone company actually lost a server or something. We have had downtime before but this one was a real long one. I got a lot of housework done LOL!

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