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Monday, August 9, 2010

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Warning From Alachua County Health Department

If you have children or animals, and live in the Alachua County Florida area, then you need to be more on alert of mosquitos than normal. The Health Dept has issued a warning for Eastern Equine Encephalitis which is carried by mosquitos. The video below is a good overview with good tips. The woman said usually only horses get infected but a chicken, horse and four humans have already died from the illness in Alachua County. Horses can be vaccinated and is highly recommended. Symptoms are fever, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, confusion, and headache. Similar to flu like symptoms, you would notice if your child was bitten by a mosquito might be harder in dogs. To prevent mosquitos dump standing water, don't go outside for long periods at dawn or dusk, and use mosquito repellent with DEET. Some small children DEET is not safe to use so always ask your pediatrician to be safe. I don't particularly like the bug repellents so we avoid the times of the day when the mosquitos are most active. Be informed and stay safe. To read the full story on the warning and other info you can go to The Gainesville Sun. If you have questions you can always call your local health department.


Anne said...

We are like the land of mosquitoes but I don't think anyone has found encephalitis around here. We have to worry about West Nile from mosquitoes and lyme's disease from ticks. I don't see any up side to mosquitoes.

betchai said...

we don't have mosquitoes here thankfully but then, of course, there are other viruses coming in other medium such as soil.

Melissa said...

West Nile is here too, but so far this year has not been out of control. We don't go out in the fields to get the tics but they are here. I have to worry about the dogs too, not just the kids.

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