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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Return Of Fun Friday

I know today is not Friday, but I am posting this today so anyone who wants to get in can. Every Friday, starting this Friday, my Blogging For Fun Group does a group post. Only those who want to participate do. This week is the first week, and I decided to make the topic insects. Now you can write about insects in whatever way you want. I am going to pick one from this very cool video about some strange, and wonderful insects. I had no idea there were so many weird bugs in this world. If you want to join our Blogging For Fun group, there is a sign up box right over there in the left hand column. Just type in your email address and it will take you to the group homepage. After you sign up you can add up to three blogs using the links section. We are always looking for new, active members. Members support each other by visiting, commenting, following, tweeting, or other ways we can think of.

School starts next week, so I am kind of crazy busy this week.

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