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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Softer Side Of Pink

I love Pink! She is unique, and I like that. Since I have small children I try to keep up with the music that they may be exposed to. This is a softer song by Pink, and the stunts she does while performing are pretty amazing. She is quite the entertainer.


Anne said...

I like Pink (and Lady Gaga although that is irrelevant to your post). Was this the song she was rehearsing when she was injured?

Femmepower said...

Oh I never knew she has a song like this.I haven't heard it from our local radio stations. I like Pink because she's unconventional yet she's not extreme. Thanks for sharing, Melissa.Love it!

Melissa said...

Anne I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga as well, though she is a bit bizarre. All I know about the injury is it was a trapeze act this isn't really a trapeze, but it could have been.

Rochelle, I just started hearing this song on the radio a couple of weeks ago.

ruthi said...

Thanks for sharing this... this is the first time I heard this song or [blush] heard about Pink. Maybe I am already too old. wink* But I like her and the song.

Melissa said...

Ms Ruthi you are never too old to appreciate new and fun music.

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