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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch Out For Earl!

When we think of hurricanes we don't very often think of places North of North Carolina getting affected too much. Hurricane Earl may change all that. This huge Cat 4 storm is making a beeline for the East coast just in time for the holiday weekend. Because it is still not even to the Bahamas there is plenty of time to be sure you are prepared for whatever this massive storm decides to do. Keep your eyes to the sky my friends, and family members.


betchai said...

when I was still in CT, there was a hurricane that was not very South ( I forgot if it was in Virginia Beach) and in fact, we were deeply affected also since we had power outage for a day, and some parts of the state were for several days.

Melissa said...

Betchai I know what you mean. It doesn't have to be a direct hit to do a lot of damage, and make life miserable.

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