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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Magic

We get lots of yellow and black butterflies, and tons of fancy moths, but very rarely do we get to get close enough to the beautiful Monarch butterfly. I found this one on our screened porch the other day and snapped some simple yet lovely shots of it. Caitlin was so excited she could hardly stand it. She loves butterflies, and she stood there for a good long time marveling at it. She was afraid it wouldn't be able to get out, and would die. So we left the door open, and sure enough he was gone within a few hours. Caitlin made sure by checking the whole porch LOL! I am so glad I got to get these pictures. The book below has all kinds of facts and info about the Monarch butterfly, with cool activities your kids will love.


Kristy said...

Great post Ms. Melissa. I loved seeing the pic of the butterfly you found. Also, thanks for the book recommendation on monarch butterflies.

Melissa said...

You're welcome Ms Kristy. You must be missing little David at his first day of kindergarten. Obviously they didn't call you into sub, hopefully they will soon.

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