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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me 6 Years Ago, Me Today

In exactly seven days I will be 41 years old, I mean young! I can not believe I have been on this planet 41 years. The first picture was when Caitlin was only 4 weeks old. That was six years ago. The other pictures is from yesterday. We celebrated my birthday yesterday, by going to the new Panda Chinese Restaurant that just opened, because next week I work the 11-7 shift, and lets just say a hibernating bear is friendlier than me when I work the night shift. I also dyed my hair red, so I will share those pictures in a couple of days after the shock wears off. I have natural red highlights, but this is a whole other animal. I have have died my hair light blonde forever. My husband has asked me to dye it red before, and the kids say it looks cool. I will let you be the judge. Sometimes people who do not actually live with you are much more honest. Looking at these pictures I think I look the same. I am obviously not as pale, or tired as I was after having Caitlin LOL!


betchai said...

advance happy birthday Melissa, lookinf forward to your new hair color picture, i think that is great for a birthday gift and pampering ourselves

ruthi said...

First of all, I have not been here for awhile. I love the new look of your website... so neat and cool. Well, I am bias with purple that is why.

Second of all, I think shorter hair suits you well and with regards to color, yes, looking forward to see the result.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, and Ms Ruthi actually my hair isn't short it is all just pulled up and off my neck. It was so hot that day.

femmepower said...

Nice pictures you have there, didn't change much except for a few pounds added perhaps, but you still look young.your kids are really adorable. thanks for sharing. and advance happy birthday (though you've celebrated it already)!

Melissa said...

Rochelle actually I have lost weight since Caitlin was born, it just gravitated to my chest rather than my but LOL!

Anne said...

I hope you have a great birthday! I see DJ is a big fan of the bunny ears. So is my daughter.

Melissa said...

LOL he said he wasn't going to do it. I should have known better.

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