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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lessons We Learn The Hard Way

She is a cutie right? This is Caitlin, she is six years old. She loves to play computer games, and is learning quite well. Too well! This morning I let her play her favorite animal game under my Facebook account. Normally she does not do this alone, but the chat thing was disconnected and I saw no harm in it. She was very excited about something, and I asked her what was so awesome. She got a nice new pink animal. Yay! Ugh! Somehow she managed to purchase Facebook credits with my Paypal account. How she managed this I don't know because she has never seen us do this, and I only did it once for a couple dollars. Caitlin managed to spend 86 dollars on Facebook credits. Needless to say all passwords for all accounts have been changed, and the debit card canceled immediately. Because she already spent the credits she bought we could not cancel the credits. Thank goodness we had money in there to cover it and will not incur overdraw fees, but wow that money was meant for something important not Facebook credits. I really could not yell or punish her, she had no idea it wasn't OK. Now she knows and will no longer be allowed on the games alone. If you have a child and you let them on Facebook be weary of what they can figure out how to do. People wonder why I don't let my children have their own personal Facebook accounts, need I say more?


betchai said...

oh wow, I did not know you have to purchase credits to play the Facebook games, Melissa. Have to agree with you, she did not know about it, I am thinking maybe she ran out of credits and Facebook asked her to purchase credits and since all have been saved in your computer, she was able to do it.

Melissa said...

It took me forever to figure out why my Paypal was linked to the Facebook account. You don't need to buy credits to play the game, but for DJ's birthday he wanted a special fish that I purchased credits for. I never intended to use it again, nor did I know Facebook had made a direct link to my paypal account. I have sent them a complaint letter, and all passwords have been changed. I will never purchase facebook credits again I can tell you that. Beware to those who do.

Anne said...

I can't believe that. I would be furious (not at Caitlin but at Facebook). That stinks that there is no way to get the credits back. my kids don't have Facebook accounts but I would never have even thought of that as a reason (there are so many others).

Melissa said...

It wasn't her own account it was mine. I never imagined that Facebook would just link to my paypal account. I was pissed. I have sent emails but they just keep sending me back something that makes no sense. I figured I would have to just eat it. They will never get another dime from me I assure you.

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