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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will We Ever Learn?

When will humans learn that using animals for our own sick entertainment will only lead to more aggressive and angry animals. Seriously if you watch this same video put out by Animal Planet they explain that this bull was kept in the dark and is genetically created to have stronger hind legs than other bulls. They are egged on to become angrier and angrier, plus other genetic modifications making them more agile, and hostile. Why do we continue to support these kinds of activities such as bull fighting? I just don't understand we are not ancient societies that had nothing better to do. Disgusting if you ask me, and animals will continue to get revenge against their abusers. Watching and cheering these archaic things makes you just as much the perpetrator as the matador that stabs the bulls. This bull took his anger on the screaming crowd, all surrounded in red I might ad the color that the bull is trained to look for. By the way this one in Mexico is not the first there was another in Spain just yesterday where the bull cleared two barriers to get to the crowd. Stop the madness, seriously!


betchai said...

oh, this is so sad Melissa, I too do not understand this kind of game, sad that man created the angry bull and end the life if it becomes out of control.

Melissa said...

Spain and Mexico are not third world countries, you would think they would be over this kind of stuff by now. It is so sad, and quite gross actually.

Tellie said...

Bulls are actually red-green color blind. I don't necessarily agree with the act of bull fighting but I don't condone it either. It's a cultural thing and I've always viewed it as such. I have seen similar things in other countries (ex some Asian countries do a mongoose vs posionous snake)...

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