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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Save A Life Learn CPR

As a nurse I am very familiar with CPR. However, a lot of people are not familiar with CPR, and the fact that you can save your own child's life by learning basic CPR. If your child drowns, chokes, or for some other reason has breathing or cardiac problems, you can learn the life saving techniques to help save their life. Most towns offer CPR for low costs right at their fire department or ambulance services. You can also take a CPR course through the American Red Cross, or American Heart Association. The video below is just a sample over view of basic child CPR, and is not meant to substitute for taking a CPR class.

To me everyone should know basic CPR, not just medical workers, not just parents, but everyone. It is not difficult to learn, and you can help save someones life.


betchai said...

we will have our CPR training tomorrow, as a teacher, we have to renew our CPR certification too every 2 years.

Melissa said...

I am unsure if all teachers are required to take it, but I think that is an awesome idea.

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