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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Football, 4H, Playgroups, and Puppies

How is that for a title? LOL, it has been a super busy 24 hrs. I didn't even get to do a blog post yesterday, and barely got my drops done. Thank goodness the puppy had me up at 4 AM so I could get a head start. Doesn't she look peaceful, and happy. The pillow, and blanket are my daughter's dolls. They had her sleeping on it the other day.

As for football, Yay it is starting soon. Tonight I have my fantasy football draft. This year my husband used Fleaflicker, and a keeper league. That means we get to keep two players from our roster from the previous year. I kept Peyton Manning, and Michael Turner. I am excited this year, because I already got a good head start. I have only been to the playoffs once, and never been in the Superbowl. My husband is very good at it, and makes the playoffs every year, and has won the Superbowl three times, man he stinks. Yes, I am a Bills fan, and yes I am aware they suck, so you don't have to remind me LOL. Wish me luck, I intend to win this year, I say that every year. I am not the only girl this year, a friend of ours joined too, Yay for girl power.

Yesterday, we went to our playgroup at Ms Kristy's house, thank you Ms Kristy if you read this. The kids had a ball, and it was especially fun because they let their kids ride bikes in the house. My kids were not sure what to think, but it didn't take them long to hop on a bike, and get riding. We are discussing starting 4H as a group. It is over an hour away, one way, but it is only once a month. The thing I really like is that any work they do, can go towards scholarship points. I like that a lot. The first meeting is next Thursday, and if my husband can let me keep the car, we will give it a try.

I promise tomorrow, I will get back to business, and post step 3 of the writing process.

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