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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Language Learning for Homeschoolers: Free Spanish Resources

Language Learning for Homeschoolers: Free Spanish Resources

This post will be the first in a series of learning foreign languages in a homeschool environment. I'm going to start with Spanish, then German, then French. If there are more languages that people are interested in, contact Melissa and she'll pass those requests on to me.

Spanish is probably the easiest language to teach in a homeschool environment, simply because so many things nowadays are available in Spanish at little to no extra effort. Many kids' shows such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and Maya and Miguel incorporate Spanish words and phrases. Most DVDs have a Spanish language option as well. If you're teaching Spanish, you can also contact your local library to see if the library system has books in Spanish, or the bilingual books that have both English and Spanish. You can also check Meetup'>">Meetup to see if there are language conversation groups near you. Other sources may also offer conversation groups, such as nearby colleges or cultural centers (in our area, Barnes & Noble also hosts conversation groups).

Here are some online resources that provide lessons, mini-lessons, or ways to practice:
Vocabulix'>">Vocabulix - mini-lessons for vocabulary and verb work; also offers a store for more resources
Spanish'>">Spanish Romance - topic-based lessons such as phrases, alphabet, and more
Study'>">Study Spanish - a mini-curriculum that incorporates grammar and vocabulary; also a paid option for more practice
BBC'>">BBC Spanish - put out by the BBC and includes a great course designed to give travelers the basics, but also includes many other resources
Lingolex'>">Lingolex - huge list of free resources
Speak'>">Speak 7 Spanish - grammar-based lessons
LiveMocha'>">LiveMocha - incorporates the ability to connect with native speakers as well as lessons

Here are some great ways to practice listening to the language as well:
Streaming'>">Streaming Radio Guide - scroll down to find the Spanish language stations
Broadcast'>">Broadcast Live - list of Spanish radio stations at Broadcast Live
Univision'>">Univision - Univision's video list (site in Spanish)
Online'>">Online Radio TV - list of radio and TV stations from around the world that stream online



list of spanish words said...

really interesting

Debby Rogers said...

Thanks for the list! I especially like LiveMocha. I should try some of the others out as well.

Here are a few other free sources for language learning, all of which have Spanish sections as well. - Same concept as LiveMocha, but it's not as big. I think I like LiveMocha a bit better, but this is another option to be aware of. - This is a flashcard service that allows users to use lists that are already made or to make their own. - eduFire is a marketplace for teachers and students that puts students in a virtual classroom. It's good for Spanish (and other languages), but you have to pay to get the most use out of it. Although they do have free classes too.

Thanks again for the list! :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried - it offers free resources for learning Spanish as well! Additionally, you find many Spanish native speakers who help you to correct your texts etc..try it out!

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you, and I will be sure to check out your added links.

Steve Kaufmann said...

I would recommend that you also check out an interactive learning site with lots of Spanish content.

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