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Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Would I Be?

Okay so it is August 2nd, and time for the challenge. If you would like to take part, and win 200 Entrecard credits, yes I increased it, then on your blog write what you would come back as, if you had a choice. Comment here, so I know you participated, and I know who to give credits to.

So what would I come back as, if I had a choice? There are so many people I admire, and think are amazing people, but for me I would want to come back as me. I like me, and I am comfortable with me, so I pick me LOL.

I must say though a beautiful tree, would suit me too. Why, because they are majestic, live a very long time, and just amazing to me. I love trees. I love to watch them change, learn about them, and they tell such a history story.

If I had to pick an animal, the only choice would be a dolphin, or other fish. The major reason for this is because I would not have to lick myself to be clean. Yuck the thought of that just grosses me out. Dolphins, are majestic, gentle, intelligent, and sociable. That would be the best choice for me, according to me.

One of my readers picked a bouncing ball. You can see her response in the comments section, of the previous post.

Now come on, get busy, earn an easy 200 Entrecard credits, and have some fun!~


betchai said...

oh, i am so like you Melissa, though there are a lot of amazing people, but I believe I rather be just me, for I am very comfortable just being me. You have beautiful choices, the redwood and the dolphin, both majestic in their own way. i don't know what would i be if i become a plant or animal :(

Melissa said...

It is something to think about, yes?

Sandy said...

Thanks bunches for the ec's, much appreciated. And what a nice surprise to see you doubled it. Awesome!

I like your idea of coming back as a tree too, I love Trees.

Have a good one, please pop in often for visits. I'll add you to my blog log.


Melissa said...

Thanks Sandy, I will follow your blog as well. If you want to be in my blog roll, you can join our blogging group. It is fun, and easy.

femmepower said...

You got me thinking here,Melissa.Not that it's my first time to encounter this question,I've actually been asked of this a lot of times in the past.Still,I find it hard to answer it,lol.I'd love to explore the ocean but remain a mammal so I think a dolphin would fit the bill.But I'm scared of the many gigantic preys out there that I'd be subjected to as a dolphin so I'd rather choose to be on top of the food chain.I'm curious how it's like to live the life of a queen but I don't know if I'm gonna like all the restrictions and demands(I've seen the movie Elizabeth and her life wasn't easy).So I guess I'll have to stay being me then,hehehe.

Melissa said...

I do not think I would ever be comfortable being wealthy, or famous.

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