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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get Your Kids Drawing!

Do your kids love to draw? Mine do, they love it. With so many public schools doing away with art, or really offering very little art, in what little bit they do, your kids could be missing out on a wonderful skill. It really is not expensive either. I will be sharing some free ways for your child to learn to draw. My kids like to watch the free learn to draw videos on youtube. It helps them to actually see the way the artist holds the pencil, or places the paper, and the speed at which they draw. One of the videos they have not tried yet, is below. It is to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. If you read this blog often, you have seen several of these videos, and even some of the artwork they have done from them. Through some searching I have found some more websites, that offer free drawing lessons, be sure to check them out. The earlier you start your kids appreciating art, the longer they will learn to be creative, and use their imaginations. In kindegarten your child may be asked to draw a book report. What that means is your child is read a story, and then they draw a picture to explain the story. A very clever way of getting your kids to learn reading comprehension. Using arts, and crafts, is a great way for your young learner to master cutting, pasting, following directions, etc.

If I find more I will add them to the list, but these are an awesome start. This year, fourth grade, is the very first year I purchased an art book. I have been using the free resources, up until now.


betchai said...

i agree with you melissa, drawing taps the creative side of our mind and is not an expensive hobby to pursue and it is also educational for the kids as they learn about the subjects they draw. when i was younger, i was always curious to know more about the subjects i chose :)

Melissa said...

I suppose it could get expensive, but I have not found it to be so. It inspires their creative minds in so many ways.

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