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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Understanding What You Read!

I have not done a post on the Health Care bill, in a while. I was listening, and waiting to see what happens. I must ask how many people, that are spouting off such angry, and vicious language have actually read the bill? I am very curious to know that, because the things they are saying, I have not found in the bill. The link above, is the complete House of Representative bill. Last night I read 60 pages of it, and I was shocked at what it really says, and the awful rumors being spread by the media. I will give my thoughts below. I am in no way saying you should agree with my point of view, but I am asking you to read the bill, and make an informed decision, rather than a decision based on someone elses opinion, of whom may, or may not have even read the thing.

The very first thing you notice is the name of the bill, ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’. Making health insurance affordable, and fair for everyone. What could be wrong with that?

So lets start with the very first rumor that started some time ago. You will not lose your current health care plan, if you like it, and want to keep it. There are some that is saying this is not true, and you will be forced into the public option. According to what I read this is not true. There is a Grandfather Clause in the bill that allows you to keep your current plan. A Grandfather Clause is used in lots of bills. What it means is if you already have something, you can keep it, and you do not have to be included in the new rules. These are used in real estate, education, just to name a few. It does appear that the bill also has a provision so your employer can not drop the health insurance, forcing you into the public option. So that first myth appears to be untrue completely.

What I did notice is that the bill requires Health Insurance providers to follow a whole host of rules, to be sure you are actually getting what you pay for. As a matter of fact there is a clause, that states if you do not use your health insurance you will get a refund from the Health Insurer for what you were overcharged. They can not raise your insurance by 10 percent every year either, kick you out when you become sick, deny you insurance for a pre existing condition, or refuse treatment.

They are going to open up the lines of competition, so no one company has a monopoly. There will be a data base where you can pick, and choose a plan with more than two options, that best suits the needs of you, and your family. The public option, according the bill, is to serve several purposes. To keep the health insurance companies honest, because there will be true competition. To supplement you, if your insurance is not that great, and you need a little more coverage. To provide basic health care coverage, to those who have none. I found this section especially interesting. There has been so much screaming, and yelling about the public option. It covers the most basic of health care coverage, and preventative care. It does not cover non essentials at all. So you see if you already have health insurance, but maybe your plan, is not the greatest, the public option can help you to supplement where you may need it.

Changes to medicare. I think medicare needs to be changed, but I have not seen yet where this is addressed in the bill. Obama, and AARP have said that the current bill does not appear to have any untoward negative effects towards seniors who use medicare. It supposedly will take out Medicare Advantage, which costs billions, and only makes the health insurance companies wealthy.

Now to the most ridiculous thing I have heard yet, euthanasia. In case you do not know what euthanasia is, it is putting someone to sleep that is deemed to serve no purpose anymore. This is absurd. Number one, even if it was in the bill, no doctor, nurse, or hospital would go along with such a thing, and no bill could make them. They have a set of ethical standards they must follow, and I dare to say they would flat out refuse to participate in such practices. This is just outright lies, and scare tactics. With that said, there is talk that a part of the bill be addressed to end of life care. It has been said that they would like to add a clause that states basically that by age 65 you start to think about end of life care. This does not mean, nor imply that it will be put in, or that it is any way in reference to pulling the plug on you. I do not think that it is absurd, or crazy to think people nearing 65 should start to think about their elder years. How will you handle the end of your life? Not only does being unprepared put stress on loved ones, but on medical institutions as well. There are legal procedures you can take, to be sure the end of your life is handled in a manner you wish it to be. Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, are just a couple of the ways you can be sure it will be handled how you want. I do not know of one medical institution that would not agree with that.

Now to the point about rationed care, and refusal of treatment for those deemed unsuitable. Did you know that there are doctors that perform procedures on patients that have no hope of the procedure, or treatment working? A doctor admitted it on Stuart Varney's show the other day, so I am not just saying it. If a treatment, or procedure, will do absolutely no good whatsoever, and is just a way to make money, than the patient should not get it, period. Now with that said, you as the patient need to be informed, so you can make good sound decision. Should a 75 year old, with very limited quality of life get a heart transplant over a 23 year old? That is the question. Should someone who is an alcoholic, and ruined their liver, get a transplant over a car accident victim? These are all very difficult, and ethical questions, that I do not think any bill could cover. The doctors, nurses, ethics boards of hospitals, these are the people who make these decisions, not the government. I do not see this changing, despite all the nonsense you hear.

Please read the bill. I know I will be continuing my reading tonight. It is actually very interesting. Then write your Representative, and give a good, educated response as to how you feel about the health care bill.


cornyman said...

Hi Melissa,

please change the blogroll. I think you used the Link list instead of the Blogroll list.

Because at the moment i get always to the RSS-Feed of each page... no more directly to the blog, have to click twice for getting to the EC-Widget!

Melissa said...

That is something I talked about a few weeks ago. It happens on all blogs not just mine. It seems to be an Entrecard issue.

Rebecca said...

This is just my honest opinion.

I don't want our government any bigger. The bigger things are the more complicated they become. (our tax code is a fine example)

If the current administration can't control a 2" minnow population in California - why in the world would I think they can successfully handle such a massive plan as health care for hundreds of millions of people?

I could read the bill but it would be fruitless - I whole-heartedly feel it is too massive and complicated to deliver what people hope it will.

I have trouble now getting the VA to see my uncle in a timely manner. I constantly have to call to find out why his medications haven't been mailed.

The last time I took my uncle in for an appointment there was people in wheelchairs lined up down the hall because the waiting room was over-flowing. If I leave a message for his doctor - I have to call and call for days and weeks before I can get one simple question answered.

I could go on about what I have seen at the VA - but all you need to do is look it up on YouTube to see how bad it is.

Melissa said...

I know exactly how bad the VA can be. I also know you could supplement your VA insurance should you choose to, to make it better. I thank you so much for your opinions. If I may ask how would you make it possible so everyone could afford health insurance? That is really the question. It is meant to be a plan with employers, citizens, and the government working together. It does not say anything about the government controlling it, matter of fact much to the opposite. I recommend you read what it says.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Melissa I'm just looking forward to at some point being able to get healthcare when I need it. If I get sick... I have to tough it out.... or ask friends and family for medicine that they have left over because I cannot afford to see a doctor. The people that are opposing this healthcare bill obviously have never been in this situation. I'm glad they can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month for their insurance.... but I can't. I just want to be able to see a doctor and get meds when I'm sick... right now that is a luxury... as is visiting a dentist... getting the glasses that I need for my ever worsening eyesight etc. So I ask those people.... Aren't these things that we as humans should should have? Don't they realize that people are suffering and doing without the care that they need because they can't afford health insurance or a doctor visit? It may not be a great plan... but at least I would know I could get medicine when I get sick.

I could go on and on... but I'll shut up now..

A Lil Enchanted,

Melissa said...

Enchanted you make an excellent point. Why does no one seem to care about those that can not afford health insurance? I think it is selfish, and unkind. I do not however, think illegals should get it, though they already do, and will probably in the future. I did not get to read anymore of it tonight, but I intend to this weekend.

Laura said...

I have to agree with Lil Enchanted. My husband is self employed and with the taxes we have to pay we can't afford insurance. My work at home job offers an option but it is a crappy pay only a percentage plan that would cost a couple of hundred dollars.

I am so sick of all of the arguing over rumors about the health care plan that just are not true. Kudos to you for actually sitting down and reading the bill. It seems like there are very few people out there who have done that before they form their opinion.

Melissa said...

Laura to me it is simple. I don't think Republicans really care if we get health care reform. All they really care about is making Obama lose. It is partisan politic BS, and that is it.

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