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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keep Your Eyes To The Sky!

Yesterday afternoon a tropical low formed, near South Florida. Today it is off the coast of Tampa, and trying to get stronger. There are tropical storm warnings up for the panhandle of Florida. It is August, and the tropics are heating up. Of course they are public schools start tomorrow, DJ's evaluation is Thursday, and it could prove to be an interesting week. There is Ana, and Bill, both TS's spinning in the Atlantic, that should start to near Florida, by this weekend.

This brings me to the point of hurricane preparedness. We are always basically prepared, because that is what I do LOL. My biggest dilemma this year, will be our pets. My dog gets very scared, and squirelly, and getting him into a car is always a trick. Should we have to evacuate it will be a wrestling match. Then we have these two kitties, who were basically abandoned, and we have been caring for them. The original two, we found a home for, then appeared this other one out of the blue. It was obvious to me it was just dropped off, because it acted like a house cat, not a stray. It was very clean, friendly, and sociable. So it has adopted us, and the one remaining kitty, and they have become good friends, to my kids, and each other. I could not imagine leaving them behind. They count on us for love, and food, and they stay on our covered porch which keeps them safe from the elements. I am going to get a hold of my mom today, one to make sure she is watching the updates, and two to see if she possibly has a pet carrier I can borrow, or a small cage. I am imagining it would be very difficult to get these two to cooperate enough to get in the carrier, then into the car. They are still small enough for me to deal with, without getting too scratched, or bitten. Since they trust me, I am hoping it won't be too bad. Of course I would never put my children, or myself in danger, but if I plan enough in advance, I hope it will go smoothly, and I will not have to leave them behind. Of course the best option, is that we don't ever have to evacuate, though I may still have to put them in the carrier, and bring them to safer shelter, such as inside the garage, for their own safety. If you do not have an emergency plan, now is the time to get one! This video will help, and don't forget about your pets.


betchai said...

it is great to have some knowledge with emergency preparedness, glad to know you are on top of things Melissa, wish your place will continue to be safe as the storm season approaches.

Femmepower said...

Melissa,I hope the tropical storm won't be devastating if ever.You're such a blessing to the kittens,not all people are willing to give cats shelter.

I hope your family will remain safe in any storm you encounter.

Melissa said...

It has died down, but it is still sitting just to our north, spinning, and dropping rain. The next one is Ana, this weekend. My mom had a cat carrier, and I went and picked it up, so I will be prepared if the worst happens.

Pete Morse said...

Hi Melissa,

Sounds like you are ready to head for a shelter. I am sure the new additions will trust you and you will be able to get them in the carrier. they trust you. Be safe, I think there is more on the way.


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