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Monday, August 17, 2009

Math, Math, and More Math

A few people love math, but most really dislike it, and some even have a hard time with it. My children are no different. For my son DJ, we do at least three math papers every day. We cover new, harder material, and then review of material we have already learned. I find this works best to keep the information fresh, and in his mind. Last year we started division, and I was nervous, as to how to teach it. I found this nifty video below, if you need some ideas on how to teach division. For me, we started with flash cards first. We did the flash cards every day, for two months, before we even tried doing it on paper. I think that really helped because he already had the concept down. For this upcoming year, the hardest part of our math curriculum has been finding lessons on Roman Numerals. After doing a lot of searching I found a few, they will be listed below. I wanted to share with everyone, if you look to the left hand column of my blog, that I am collecting 100 dollars to give to the local food pantry, for needy families at Thanksgiving. Not only will you be entered to win the lovely ring pictured, but you will get your blog link posted on the Kindness Hall of Fame, for six months after the contest ends. Now if you do your math, you will see that is an awesome deal, for only a 5 dollar donation. I have collected 8 dollars so far from my good blogging friends Betchai, and Rochelle, you can see their site links at the top of this blog. That means I need 92 dollars more to meet my goal of 100 dollars. Ha see math is not so hard LOL. Come on and join, you won't be sorry. Here are some of my favorite sites for free math worksheets. I use these to supplement our work book, or for when we complete the workbook. They are great, and free.

The last link Lesson Snips, is the newest one I found, while looking for Roman Numeral lessons. It is an awesome site. If you need lesson plans, check it out, you will not be disappointed.


Sunny Rose Gardens said...

Math! That's my favorite! That's actually the only set of textbooks I use like fiction...every chance I have a spare moment! So, um, (clears throat),!

BTW, I just caught your comment about the russian cargo ships on my page; I'm resetting my pages so I'll be receiving emails when comments are left. I used to just check the pages, but I've been missing comments lately :\

Femmepower said...

I didn't have a hard time teaching Roman Numerals to my 8 year old.My daughter was also quick to understand Addition, Subtraction,and Multiplication but I'm not finding it easy to teach Division in a way that a second-grader can easily grasp. Shocks. I thought teaching is easy. They're actually not into Division yet but we do advance reading all the time.

So far,my daughter is having fun with numbers.

betchai said...

you are very resourceful Melissa, DJ is really blessed to have you as his mom and also teacher!

Melissa said...

Sunny rose gardens, thank you, and I don't obsess about comments too much LOL.

Rochelle, she may be too young yet. I didn't even start the concept of division, until the end of second grade, when he had the multiplication concept down good. Then I used the division flash cards, and used the multiplication to help teach it. I went in reverse on the card, and said what times what, will give you blank. Once he got that idea down, it was easy to understand the concept of dividing down, try it.

Betchai, thank you, you are always kind.

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