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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40

Yes, it is true, I am 40 years old today. I don't really celebrate much. Tomorrow, my mom will come over, and we will barbecue. We have spent a lot of time with friends this summer, and my sister was here in May, so it has been an active summer for us. Today I get to move furniture, yay, who doesn't want to do that? It really does need to get done, and then we will swim, after we are all hot, and sweaty. I mostly like to just relax, when it is my birthday. I have been on a month long hiatus, from my nursing job. Some of it was vacation, one week I had a severe migraine, and the other one they had Swine Flu at the prison where my husband works, so he had to cover. I actually only work every Friday, but when you count in the time you have to sleep to work 11-7 shift, it is more like you are working Friday, and Saturday. I used to actually do both Friday, and Saturday, and if any of you remember at Christmas time I had a big fight with the DON, and got cut to one day a week. That has actually turned into a blessing for us. Though it did put a major pinch in our finances, it got me to look harder for online work, and reevaluate my personal feelings about my nursing career. For almost four years, we were very limited on what we could do, due to me working every single weekend. At any rate, I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, it seems to be a normal process when you start to get older. Yesterday, I returned to the doctor's office for my blood work results. As you may know I have been suffering from migraines, for some time, but noticed them to be changing, and more severe. My blood work was completely normal, with just a very sl elevated cholesterol. Of course they immediately want to push drugs on you, which I refused. I said I would do the diet changes first, and exercise, to see if I can get it down on my own. I do not think she was real happy, but since she has never spent more than five minutes with me, for the eighty bucks she gets from the insurance company, I guess I don't care. I asked her to check in my ear, as that seems to be the originating point of the facial pain. She looked, but not enough to say so. I am seriously considering going to the ENT myself. Insurance refused my MRI, seems I have not suffered long enough to warrant it. I have tried avoiding MSG, not easy trust me, caffeine, and cured meats to see if that will keep them under control. I have only had one migraine in three weeks, and they were coming every two, so I guess there could be some progress there. I may have to look for another provider, if I continue to feel like this one just is always in a rush, and never really listens. I really do dislike that.

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femmepower said...

Happy 40th birthday Melissa!I sure hope you'll get a relaxing yet memorable birthday for a change,lol.I wish you more blessings and may you finally get rid of your migraine.Cheers!

betchai said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! I wish you a migraine free gift, hopefully it would be granted. I do suffer from migraines too, but mine are more hormonal, light and weather related but once I have it, I do avoid chocolates and coffee since it aggravates. Thankfully though, I don't get them often. So, I hope and wish the same thing for you. Hope you have a happy birthday and a relaxing one.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys we just got back from a lovely dinner meal. We rarely out in a restaurant, but today we had steak, and shrimp. It was a bit expensive, but being spoiled once in a while is nice LOL. I think the migraines are hormonal for me too, but seem to possibly be irritated by the MSG which irritates the neuro transmitters.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!!!

A Lil Enchanted,

femmepower said...

Melissa,I'm not sure if you take blog awards but I couldn't help myself from giving you one.It's a Loyal Friend and Visitor Award so naturally, you're one of those who deserve it.Hope you'll appreciate it.Have a stress-free birthday!

Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!

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Sasha said...

Happy birthday, Melissa! Many more to come :)

SweetKooki said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you'll resolve your issues with your work soon. Btw, I love the banner above ;)

Melissa said...

Thank you, to all of you, you are very kind, and thoughtful.

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