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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Step 2 Of The Wrting Process: Drafting

We already did prewriting, which basically was gathering your thoughts, and getting ideas for a good writing topic. Now we go to step 2, which is drafting. Drafting will give you an idea, of what your finished product will look like. You will need your notes, and any information you gathered during prewriting. Begin writing, and keep your mind, and your pen free to write whatever, keeping your intended audience in mind. Write down everything about your topic, even if it seems to be too much. You will revise it later, and you will be happier with more info, than less. Don't worry about spelling, and punctution, right yet, that can all be fixed later. This is your rough draft, and it is rough for a reason LOL. Since all great writings must have a beginning, middle, and end, keep in mind how you want your piece to end. A beginning is easy, but you may want to ask friends, or family which is more interesting. Explore your mind, and try to think of different ways to say the same thing.


Femmepower said...

Hi,Melisa!How are you?Sorry I've been away from my pc for the weekend so I failed to drop by your blogs.Did you take down your humor post/Garage blog? It says "blog not found" and is open for registration.Have I been away that long that I didn't see this coming?I've been indisposed lately since Kitty's disappearance,you know.

Dinah said...

thanks for these tips Melissa. I usually just write down what comes to mind so most of my posts are not always planned. I hope to be able to learn the writing process though.

Melissa said...

Rochelle I did delete the garage sale blog, because my husband is planning a garage sale. So I saw no point in it, but thanks for noticing. Did you find Kitty?

Dinah I hope you find it helpful, there are more parts to come.

betchai said...

nice info melissa, i need this since i have to turn in 14 pages of writing :(

Melissa said...

How is school going betchai? Good I hope.

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