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Thursday, August 20, 2009

OMG Watch Out For Bill, and The Evaluation is Due

I never met a Bill I liked LOL. Seriously though, yesterday Hurricane Bill, was upgraded to a cat 4, back down to a 3, but still a major hurricane. While this monster is not headed for Florida, the East coast needs to be paying attention, very closely. If anyone remembers Hurricane Charlie, and Katrina, then you know that the slightest change in weather patterns, can completely change the direction of this thing. Places like NY, Massachusetts, and Maine are not used to hurricanes, especially this size. Please, please, please keep your eyes to the skies. Joe Bastardi meterologist, and hurricane expert, was just on the news stating that you still need to be on alert, as the path is in no way set in complete stone, as they never are.

Today is the day, DJ's homeschool evaluation is due. I am not at all nervous, like last year, because I know what to expect, and I know the evaluator now. Last year she fussed about the way he held his pencil. Well he still holds it the same way, so I anticipate some fussing again. I still can not figure out why she focused on that so much. As long as it doesn't hurt his hand, or his writing abilities. Oh well, I guess she had to fuss at something. Last year, though I kept everything, and made the portfolio, I did not realize I was supposed to keep a log of daily activities as well. So she told me to be sure and do it this year, which I did. Yay so it should be good!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh, I almost always watch this kind of news and missed this until I happened upon your blog thru entrecard. Wow, all I can say is Wow...I had no idea and I AM on the east coast.

wow, again


Sandi said...

I have never witnessed a hurricane being in Illinois. I can only imagine how scary that must be knowing it could be really bad. I am fascinated watching this stuff on tv though.

Melissa said...

It is scary when one heads right for you, that is for sure. It has gotten weaker just a bit, but they expect it to grow again, and it is going to come awful close to the northeastern coast. It is nail biting.

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