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Monday, August 10, 2009

Unique Homeschooled Family

So many people homeschool, for many different reasons, and in different ways. The possibilities are endless. Well meet my first guest blogger, Tonya. Tonya, and her husband homeschool their children, while traveling the country. How cool is that? Tonya has put together a post with the topic of pros, and cons of homeschooling on the road. Read it below, and please check out her site.

Homeschooling on the Road; the Pro’s and Con’s

Initially when I was asked to write about the Pro’s and Con’s of homeschooling my three children while traveling full-time in our RV, there was only one negative aspect that readily entered my mind. So, I posed the question to my husband: In your opinion, what do you think are the Pro’s and Con’s of homeschooling on the road?

Unanimously, our answer was space or to be more exact, the lack of. But as I really began to think about it, for a homeschooling mom that has accumulated quite a collection of books and curriculum over the past 11 years- the fact that there are storage restraints, is a blessing in disguise. It has certainly forced me to consider what’s truly important. And honestly, we didn’t read or use all the books that filled our shelves at home, so why would that change once we hit the road?

So, it appears that the one con that quickly came to mind might not be much of a hindrance after all.

And though we no longer live near family or friends, with today’s technology, keeping in touch via email, instant messaging, texting and cell phones has certainly kept the communication lines open. We’ve also been blessed to make new lasting friendships on the road.

So, it seems that the potential problems are actually blessings. But what about the true benefits? Our family is certainly much closer than we were before we began full-timing. Living in less than 350 sq. ft. of space, you either learn to show grace and mercy to one another, or you’ll kill each other. Since we’re still alive, I’d say we’ve learned to be a bit kinder and merciful.

In addition to improved character, we have experienced firsthand the diversity of the people and places that have made America great. Not only have we read about history, we’ve also walked where our forefathers once tread. We’ve pondered the mystery of the Lost Colony, flew gliders where the Wright Brother’s made their first successful flight. We’ve stood on the tranquil grounds that were once the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War and were awestruck as we first glimpsed the Statue of Liberty.

As a homeschooling mom that is sometimes too aware of her shortcomings, I’ve learned that my children will learn with or without curriculum. The real lessons they’ve learned while living on the road will stick with them much longer than that chapter from the textbook.

©2009 Tonya Prater/Live the Adventure. All rights reserved.

Tonya and her husband, have homeschooled their three children for over ten years. Along the journey they have been amazed by the opportunities that the Lord has presented and the freedom that homeschooling has given them, allowing them to travel full-time, learning as they go! They have homeschooled their children using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials, curriculum and methods. Tonya enjoys encouraging other homeschooling parents, and is available as a speaker on a variety of topics that include Choosing Curriculum, Portfolio Assessments, Overcoming Burnout and Homeschooling on the Road. She can be contacted at You can keep up with the Prater’s at their blog:

Thank you to Tonya, for putting together such an awesome post.


betchai said...

what an inspiring post, thanks for sharing your story, indeed, we do not really have to look at what we do not have to be happy, we can just make the most of what we have, and that's what you did with your traveling and homschooling on the road.

Jonam said...

i want share this URL with you
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Melissa said...

I think it would be cool to homeschool, and travel at the same time.

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