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Monday, January 11, 2010

Clouds, Clouds, and More Clouds

Tomorrow for Science, we are studying clouds. Types of clouds, what makes clouds, etc. The video below is cool, and describes the different types of clouds. In addition you can have your child draw some clouds, using the following descriptions for each type of cloud.

Cumulonimbus: Clouds have a flat bottom rising up into an anvil shaped top. These are class thunderheads.

Cirrus: The clouds mean fair weather, and are high wispy clouds, that look like swirls in the sky.

Nimbostriatus: These are dark clouds that are spread out like a blanket, layered, and bring light to moderate precipitation.

Cumulus: These are white, fluffy, cotton ball looking clouds. They very often have spaces of clear blue sky in between.

Altostratus: Middle height clouds that are grayish blue, and cover the whole sky. They mean widespread storms.

Altocumulus: These clouds look like fuzzy bubbles, that are connected in long rows. They may be white, or gray. They usually mean a cold front is coming.

Lesson Plans For 01/12/10:

Science: Name that cloud
Math: Fractions, division, multiplication
Spelling/Vocab: Use each word in a sentence
Language Arts: Writing, suffix review
Sign Language: Colors
Cursive Writing
Art: Draw clouds, according to the descriptions given above

Reading: HOP Hip O Gets a Pet
Following a pattern: Worksheet
Math: Follow the dots through 30
Alphabet Book: Letter T
Site Words
Flash Cards: Number to word identification
Printing Practice


Anne said...

Clouds are really fascinating. Sometimes it is really amazing the way the planet works.

Melissa said...

Yes it is.

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