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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Reducing Fractions

Grr so today I woke up to a frozen pool. Yes, my pool was frozen. Obviously not completely, but at least the top one inch of water was frozen. I took pictures, as proof LOL. Probably my biggest nemesis in homeschooling is math. Not that I can not do math, I actually can, but teaching, and knowing math are two completely different things. Up until this point, I thought division was the most difficult to try and explain. Now that DJ has moved from the really easy fractions, into the more difficult fractions, I once again need to be creative for him to understand what I am trying to tell him. It took a bit, but he is getting the jist of what I mean when I say reduce the fraction, to its simplest form. The short video below, will give you an idea of how you could make it simpler to explain, should you need to. I added the prefix, and suffix video also, as it seems most kids find them confusing. I think adults find them confusing too. Tuesday for Science we are doing clouds, and I have some cool things to share with you to help with studying clouds.

Lesson Plans For 1/11/10:

Language Arts: Suffixes, homophones
Reading: Read chapters 3, and 4 of Sherlock Holmes with summaries
Math: Problem solving, addition, and subtraction
Sign Language: Colors
Cursive Writing
Spelling/Vocab: Look up the definition for each word
Watch Science video on Oceans, in archives if anyone wants to use it.

Reading: HOP Hip O Gets a Pet
Colors of the rainbow: Science coloring worksheet
Art: Winter hat cutting, and coloring activity
Math: Compare larger, and smaller numbers
Alphabet Book: Letter S
Site Words
Flash Cards: Number to word identification
Printing Practice


Anne said...

I used to confuse prefixes and suffixes. If things get any colder, you will be able to ice skate on the pool.

Melissa said...

Yes Anne, there is so much to remember where Language Arts, and English in general is concerned, I am sure a lot of people have a hard time remembering all the proper rules.

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