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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

US Symbols, States And Capitals

Tomorrow we are continuing with our States and Capitals theme. Plus we are adding US Symbols. You can get a free video, with printable test at Brain Pop Jr for the US Symbols. Below is a video covering US Symbols, plus there is a video in the archives for States and Capitals.

Lesson Plans For 01/27/10:

Sign Language: Colors
Cursive Writing
Social Studies: US Symbols, states and capitals
Math: Division, fractions
Language Arts: Syllables, root words, question busters

Sign Language: Colors
Printing Practice
Map Skills: Following directions
Flash Cards: Number to word identification
Mammals/Reptiles: Worksheet
Site Words: Sets one and two
Reading: HOP Dog Bug week 2
Math: Addition
Heart and Arrow: Cutting skill craft


Kristy said...

The Brain Pop Jr. website is really neat. I love all the different websites you list on your blog. I bet DJ is having fun.

Anne said...

I don't think I know the state symbols, forget about my kids. That is a great resource.

Melissa said...

Kristy I like Brain Pop too. I wish it wasn't so expensive for a full membership.

Anne then you best get learning you have quiz Friday.

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