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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter O: Orion

It is Fun Friday again, at our Blogging For Fun group. We are up to the letter O, in our A-Z meme. Every week I can not decide what I want to do, sometimes right up to the day it is due. Unfortunately this is an old habit from my school days. Essays, and reports were very often done at the last minute, because I could never decide what I wanted to do. I don't do well with too many options LOL. At any rate, I have blogged before how I have already started looking for the books I want for next year homeschooling. One of the books I got is a constellation book. We have been doing space, but in a hit or miss kind of fashion. Fifth grade we go into a lot more detail. Any way this book is cool, because it shows the constellations, but they glow in the dark. So when you take it outside to look in the sky, you can see them glowing in the book. Orion, The Hunter, is one of the constellations you can only see in the winter months, because it is blocked by the glare of the sun, in the summer. The video below is really, really cool, and short which always works for me LOL. You can see it best in the early evening, like when it is first getting dark, in the southern sky. I think Orion is the easiest constellation to find, though some people say the Big Dipper is. I personally love to learn about Space, it is so fascinating. No I didn't take the picture, but isn't it lovely? I hope everyone has a great Fun Friday! Thank you to all of you who participate each week.


Kristy said...

I love learning about space too Miss Melissa. I enjoyed your post about Orion. We will be stargazing tonight to try and find the different constellations.

betchai said...

if i won't forget it, i will also be stargazing tonight, hoping for a clear sky

Ruthi said...

like Betchai... I would love to do stargazing and with the full moon and clear sky it would surely be fun... but it's brutally cold here in Maine with sub zero wind chill. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

It has been cloudy here, so we couldn't look for it either. For me I can pick it out easy, I need to get the kids to see what I see.

Ebie said...

Hi Mel, a timely post for sky watching especially the moon.

P.S. My laptop is fixed and I have saved my files in an external drive. I am slowly blog hopping and returning visits.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie I am glad to see you back online.

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