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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Semester Report Card

I don't grade Caitlin's work, as she is only in kindergarten. However, I do check, and evaluate her work, for understanding. She has progressed nicely in her reading, and phonics. Math is much improved, but still needs work. Listening skills are her biggest need area.

DJ went up in some of his grades, and down a hair for some others. He was very upset about his science grade. I tried to explain to him that he has moved into some harder science, with bigger vocabulary words, that take a bit more to learn and retain. I don't want him to become discouraged, as he considers science his favorite subject. Also because he has moved into much harder math, that has taken over more of the focus for me as the teacher, than say science or social studies. I also told him he needs to be sure to complete his work, blank answers count as a wrong answer. Ask for help if you need it. Since he has now mastered multiplication by two digits, and division, we can concentrate on fractions which is basically new to him beyond the simple easy fractions. Even though his over all average only went down one point, from a 90 to 89, he is determined to get it back above 90.

DJ's Second Semester Report Card:

Reading: Excellent
Math: 86
Language Arts: 85
Spelling/Vocab: 85
Cursive Writing: Satisfactory
Writing: Very Good
Art: Satisfactory
Science: 80
Social Studies: 88
Health: 96
Reading Comprehension: Much Improved

Total Average: 89

Tomorrow is test day. DJ will be starting to read Sherlock Holmes.


Ebie said...

Smart Kids! You did great home schooling them!

Melissa said...

Thank you, you are very kind.

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