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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter M: Melissa, and Music For Homeschoolers

Today is Fun Friday, for our Blogging for Fun group, and our A-Z meme. We are up to the letter M, and I could not decide on just one thing so I am going to do my name Melissa, and some cool music sites for homeschoolers, or public school kids. A lot of public schools have either done away with music, or offer very little, to very basic music exposure. I know a music teacher, and she said that since they can not test for music, and therefore can not qualify for funding, that is one of the major reasons music is going by the wayside. By the way I have been thinking, and I have already decided what our next meme will be, after we finish the alphabet. I think you will like it.

So why do I have a picture of a bee, when we are doing the letter M? Well Melissa in Greek means bee. In Greek mythology Melissa was a nymph who cared for young Zeus. In English terms Melissa has been used since the 18th century.

I don't really teach music, because I have no clue how to do that. But, we do have a I can play piano, instrument, that helps them learn to play the piano. We honestly have not really had a lot of time for it this year, as I find other things are probably more important. Even Art, which I am a big promoter of, we don't always have time to fit in. I have found some cool websites, for homeschoolers, or public school children to use, to help in the art of music. I am sure there are tons more, but these are the top ones I have found.

I must say I very much like the last link, and may try to incorporate this in at the end of the year, when we have completed most of our curriculum. We usually finish by April, even though we go to school until June. So this would be a great way, to fill in the excess time. My kids love School House Rock videos, too, most you can get online for free. They have helped especially with Language Arts topics. Hooked on Phonics also sets phonics to music, which has been exceptionally helpful in teaching phonics to my daughter.


Ebie said...

You name in Greek is be-fitting for a busy mom like you, and still can get all things done.

Hehehe, I was up early this morning and was keeping an eye on your M post. I am off today and have my car serviced at the dealership and got free wi-fi and lots of blogging time.

betchai said...

wow, did not know Melissa means "bee". I love bees, such dedicated workers, so focused and aren't distracted at all, i guess because they work on beautiful flowers.

Melissa said...

I never thought of it like that. I am surely always busy as a bee.

kanishk said...

I love bees

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Anne said...

We have Schoolhouse Rock songs on the girls' CD in the car. I love grammar so I am thrilled whenever they want to listen to them.

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