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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lets Hear It For The Saints!!

I am a huge football fan, as many of my readers already know. My Bills fell apart again this year, and I am praying for something of a miracle in the off season. The Saints just defeated the Cardinals, two high power offense teams. I love Kurt Warner, and he was injured in the game, which I think did not help the Cards situation, even though he returned to play. When it came down to it, the Saints defense played better, and the Cards just couldn't stop them. I look for the Saints and Colts in the Superbowl. Tonight the Colts take on the Ravens. I look for the Colts to win, but they should definitely not underestimate the Ravens. They have been on fire, the last few weeks. Tomorrow, is the Jets against the Chargers. I like both of these teams too, but I am rooting for the underdog Jets. Then the Cowboys take on the Vikings. No offense to all you Dallas fans, but I am afraid the Vikings are going to stomp them. I could be wrong, but it should be an awesome game.

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