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Monday, January 25, 2010

Magnets, Superbowls, Make Science Fun

I hate to be right, but I was right LOL. I predicted it would be the Colts, and Saints in the Superbowl, and yes it is true. I knew I should have bet money on that. Anyway it will be the Colts, and Saints in Superbowl 44, on February 7, 2010. Should be an awesome game! I do feel for the Vikings who fought to the bitter end, even with their quarterback hurt, and lost on a controversial call. It was a really good game. Tomorrow for Science we are studying magnets. Below is a short video explaining magnets, and how they work, then you can try this fun, and simple experiment to drive the point home.

Magnet Attractions Experiment:
Gather a range of different objects such as nails, keys, paperclips, staples, aluminum foil, metal scissors, plastic items, and paper items. Ask your children to sort the objects into two groups. Those that will magnets attract, and those that do not. Explain that magnets attract only metal things, and see if they want to regroup their items. Then give them a magnet and let them try to pick up the objects in their piles. Have them take notes. When done observe what they wrote down. Then explain that magnets will only pick up metal objects made of iron, but not metal objects without iron. There is a note that says magnets will also pick up cobalt, and nickel, but that it is very uncommon.

Lesson Plans For 01/26/2010:

Science: Magnets
Sign Language: Colors
Math: Division, fractions
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Root words, suffixes, question busters

Printing Practice
Sign Language: Colors
Reading: HOP Dog Bug week two
Math: Addition
Flash Cards: Number to word identification
Site Words: Sets one, and two
Color/Word identification: Coloring worksheet
Following a sequence: Worksheet
Conversation Hearts: Valentines Day craft


Melissa said...

This is me checking comment capability.

Kristy said...

I just realized that I have to sign in with the blog first before I can leave a comment. Thanks Melissa. Sorry I had to bother you about it. Great predicting for the SuperBowl!

Melissa said...

That was an easy fix. I didn't even think of that.

Anne said...

I don't watch football so the first part of your post went completely over my head :). I do understand magnets. My kids love to play with magnets and watch how they can attract or repel.

Melissa said...

Anne how can you not watch football? It is only the best sport ever LOL.

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