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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lewis and Clark Video, Oceans

Tomorrow is our first day back to school. Below are three great videos. Lewis, and Clark, we are starting a series on explorers. We already did Davey Crockett. Then the longer video is on Oceanography. We probably will not get the whole video in, in one day, but in a couple of days. It will depend on how we progress through newer, harder math.

Lesson Plans For 01/06/10:

Social Studies: Lewis and Clark videos
Science: The Vast Ocean
Math: Fractions, money problems
Spelling: Write each word three times each
Language Arts: Every picture tells a story, proofreading
Sign Language: Colors video will be posted later
Cursive Writing

Alphabet Book: Letter Q
Sign Language: Colors
Math: Bigger and smaller numbers- worksheet
Reading: HOP Hip O Gets a Pet
Printing Practice
Site Words
Flash Cards: Numbers to words association
Tracing and coloring worksheet


Anne said...

My older daughter is studying explorers in school right now too. I will have to share these Lewis and Clark videos with her.

Mom Says said...

I'll definitely check out your videos with my daughter Bianca.I'm sure she'll like them and learn a lot from them.

I'm gonna add up my new blog to the group, thanks for the heads-up melissa. best regards!

Ebie said...

One of the topics I am interested is the sign language. It has always been my ambition to be able to communicate by sign.

Melissa said...

Anne, and Mom I hope they love them. Mom I am assuming you mean blogging for fun, and I will check for any new members. Ebie I have put the colors video at the top of this blog, the alphabet is in my archives. As we achieve them, I will change them. Follow along if you like.

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