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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

States and Capitals, Current Events

Well I am in one of those moods today. If you are a woman you know what kind of mood I am talking about. First I was woken up at 5 AM, by my husband's job, because they couldn't find jelly. Now I know he is the director, and it is his job to deal with such nonsense, but since he never hears the phone ring, I am the one who gets to suffer being awoken at such stupid times. Then my crazy dogs were extra crazy this morning, for which reason I have no idea. I think they just wanted to irritate me because I was already up before I wanted to be. I have probably said before I love politics. I really do. I love the hypocrisy of it all, and the way they twist everything to suit their needs. Take for example the very not so nice thing that Harry Reid said about Obama. When I first heard the comment I laughed. Yep laughed right out loud. If you don't know what Mr Reid said, it was a racial kind of comment, basically stating Obama could win because he was a light skinned African American (not the word he used) with the speaking skills of a white person. Lets be honest here, if Mr Obama, back when he was a candidate, talked, and acted like Kanye West, or Lil Wayne, he never would have had a chance. If while at the podium he referred to women, as B's, and Ho's he never would have made it. If he walked around with his pants around his knees, three sizes two big, and his undies hanging out, he never would have made it!! Mr Reid has apologized for the words, and President Obama has accepted it.

Next current event Sarah Palin will now be a Fox news contributor. Is this really news worthy? I like Fox news. Even when they are really pissing me off, I like them. I even like Mrs Palin, just not as a candidate. I don't think she was a good governor, and I do not think she would make a good president. I do however think she is an awesome woman, and a great role model for women everywhere. How will she be as a commentator, giving opinions, well I guess we will have to wait, and see. No, I have not read her book, but I do intend to, when it is in paperback, and much cheaper.

Next, and the biggest shocker of all Mark McGuire admitted yesterday he in fact did use steroids, the year he won the homerun marathon. Wow, really I would have never guessed there was one more lying, cheating, sports figure left in this country. I am stunned! If you really believed him when he said he did not use steroids, you really are living on a different planet than me.

I forgot one, Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol!!! Simon made 34 million dollars at Idol, ahem did you see that number 34 million to wear the same shirt for nine seasons, scowl at people, and give opinions on their ability to sing. I would really like to know how to get such a gig. I surely can scowl, make fun of people, and most definitely I could wear the same shirt, for the right price. Amazing!!!

Now I feel much better.

Lesson Plans For 01/13/10:

Playdate at the park from 12-2 thank goodness it will be warm. I don't even own a snowsuit anymore.

Social Studies: States and Capitals- see video below
Math: Comparing fractions, problem solving
Language Arts: Compound words, suffixes, main idea
Spelling/Vocab: Write each word three times each
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Colors

Printing Practice
Math: Dot to dot to 30
Site Words
Reading: HOP Hip O Gets a Pet
Sign Language: Colors
Alphabet Book: Letter U
Flash Cards: Number to word identification
Science/Health: Your senses

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