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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learn To Draw Cars, If You Were Invisible

For this year, I bought an instruction art book, for DJ. Both my kids love to draw, and I thought the book would be helpful. DJ however has found it more helpful to watch, and follow the art instructional videos. He has been practicing his drawing of his hotwheel cars, and is getting pretty darn good. He is starting to do different dimensions, of the cars. Below is a video to help your budding artist learn to draw cars. I will add the next step, next Monday. For tomorrow's writing prompt, DJ will write about being invisible. I usually tell him a day ahead, so he can begin to think about the assignment. We have started a new chore calendar, here at Melissa's Homeschool. This is mostly for Caitlin, as she seems to think she does not have to help out around the house, unless she sees fit to do see. This has been extremely disruptive, and I have to do something about it. We are finishing up our sign language for colors, and will be moving on next week.

Lesson Plans For 01/25/10:

Sign Language: Colors
Math: Fractions, problem solving, mixed math review
Writing: If you could be completely invisible for a day, where would you go, and what would you do?
Art: Learn to draw cars
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Root words, suffixes
Reading: Read chapters 1-3 of The Silver Skates, with summaries
Vocabulary: Worksheets

Sign Language: Colors
Reading: HOP Dog Bug week two
Art: Family home
Alphabet connect the dots
Flash Cards: Addition, number to word identification, site words Set 1 and 2
Alphabet Book: Letter Z after we put it together we will be moving on to animal book
Printing Practice

Since Caitlin has completed her alphabet book, she will be starting an animal book, and moving on to blended phonics, or ending sounds. I have not completely decided yet.


Mom Says said...

How are your kids enjoying their lessons,Melissa? My daughter's interest in school has been dwindling so I'm very much alarmed. =(

Melissa said...

I think all kids have dry spells when it comes to school. Caitlin especially, but she is young. DJ only once in a while. Try to find a different way for her to learn to make it more exciting for her.

Leo Mar said...

It's nice to be back here, Melissa. Have a wonderful day!

Melissa said...

Nice to see you back here. I hope everything is OK. Have a great day, and don't be such a stranger.

Kristy said...

What an interesting writing topic you gave DJ. I can't wait to hear his writing on this subject. He is such a good writer. I also enjoyed the videos on drawing.

Melissa said...

It will be posted today, be sure to check for it.

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