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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Top Entrecard Droppers

Before I get to my top droppers, I simply must thank Rush Limbaugh for another brilliant statement. As you may, or may not know, Mr Limbaugh was released from a Hawaiian hospital yesterday, after suffering chest pains. He had a press appearance, and let everyone know his heart is fine. Then he said, and I quote " I see nothing wrong with our healthcare system, I didn't get anything special, and got the best care." Are you kidding me Rush? You didn't get anything special? If anyone out there that lives in the real world, really believes that, then you must live on a different planet. First of all I am sure Mr Limbaugh, has one of those cadillac plans they talk about, and even if he only had the most basic of insurance, he certainly could afford to pay for any procedure he felt like having done. Not to mention the best doctors, medicine, and treatments. Try being uninsured, or poor, yes I am sure you probably would get the same treatment Mr Limbugh received, but at what cost to your credit, finances, and your sanity? Mr. Limbaugh obviously has no idea how people who have no insurance, or money, live, and deal with illness. Wow, another wealthy person who has no idea.

My monthly thank you to my top Entrecard droppers. Thank you!

A big thank you to I placed my widget on that blog, and got 38 clicks back to my blog. She is my top advertiser for the month of December.

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