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Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day 2011, Flowers For Butterflies

Earth Day is April 22nd this year. I have probably mentioned before that my kids love anything that has to do with plants, animals, and are very interested in conservation. While we are not perfect little green people, we do our best to conserve water, food, power, and to be kind to Mother Earth as much as we can. I mentioned we already planted a baby pine tree, so I was unsure of what we were going to plant for Earth Day this year. We have quite a few rose bushes now, and tomatoes and cucumbers are trying to grow. So I thought I would try to find a plant that will grow in Florida, that will attract butterflies, and or humming birds. I found a cool website that tells me what plants make butterfly and humming bird nectar. Now I just have to find the plants by Friday. I suppose if it is a little late Mother Earth will forgive me. We have a busy week, this week. I am pushing hard to finish up all the curriculum in this last semester. It shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes I can be a bit aggressive. Summertime you would think would be a time of rest for me, nope it is the busiest time of the year for me. I have to get ready for the next school year, round up and evaluate the last school year, yearly doctor appointments, all my classes for my nursing renewals are due, I hold two state licenses NY and FL. Plus all my mandatory education classes for my job. That is just the beginning, but you get the idea. Plus my husband is taking his certifications for fire rescue, but I am hoping they will be closer to the Fall. Oh and my poor pool needs a new pump, which is on back order until the end of May, so cleaning the pool is more time consuming than normal, and you can't very well call it clean yet. Ugh!


Betchai said...

good luck in your gardening Melissa. I hope your garden will soon host to partying hummingbirds and butterflies. I love them too.

Melissa said...

Oh me too Ms Betchai. It is very exciting.

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